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Stanley Park has attracted visitors from all over the globe, and nature enthusiasts are still amazed by its trees and scenic gardens.
It is known as the largest city park located in Canada and it continues to keep local Vancouverites dazzled and captivated on a daily basis.

The park covers about 1000 acres of lush green land. Stanley Park is not the product of a landscape architect, but has evolved into its present, mixed-use configuration.
Excellent swimming beaches, old-growth forest - over 150,000 trees.
An 8.8 kilometres (5.5 mi) seawall path circles the park, which is used by 2.5 million pedestrians, cyclists, and inline skaters every year.
Take a walk along the seawall and see as much of the park as you can while visiting. Stanley Park is always a great place for a family outing, or a romantic picnic.
Stanley Park is open to the public all year round. You can choose to enter and leave whenever you want and most of the attractions operate from early morning to sunset.
Kids and adults alike also enjoy the park’s Vancouver Aquarium, where guests can peruse huge tanks of fish and laugh at the antics of resident seals, otters, and sea lions.

Vancouver Aquarium - Canada's largest Marine Science Centre, is a public aquarium located in Stanley Park in Vancouver.

 Stanley Park



National Geographic Tree


The Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, the first of its kind outside of China, is an authentic representation of an age – old garden tradition which reached its peak in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

Vancouver’s Chinese Garden was built in 1985-1986 using the time honored principles and techniques of the original Ming dynasty garden.

A traditional pagoda sits on the shore of a pond in the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden in the downtown area of Vancouver.

Step into our door and out of your daily life. As your heart and mind relax, energy renews. Journey back in time to 15th Century China and enjoy this "window to another world". Breathtaking, rain or shine...

Chinese Garden

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